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The Illustrators Use Quality and Consistency to Deliver Images for Clients

Company's unique approach to illustrating makes it possible to compete with larger freelance agencies across the globe while still delivering exactly what clients are looking for.

The success of a children's book doesn't just come from the interesting storyline or the text on the page. Because of the audience, it's often up to the illustrations to make the story more impactful for kids. Choosing the right children's book illustrator can be one of the keys to a successful book. But finding the right person for the job isn't always easy.

"We specialize in children's book illustration. We can help you navigate the process, including design, page layout, preparing your book cover for Amazon and printing," explains Andrew Hoare, a company representative. This is a huge undertaking but The Illustrators understand just what it takes to make the process easier for writers that are looking to make the leap into publishing.

There are two guiding principles that have helped shape the company's focus and commitment to clients. They insist on quality work. This is something that can't be said for some of the larger freelance agencies around the world. And without high-quality illustrations, a book isn't going to get the attention it needs.

At the same time, The Illustrators strive for consistency. It doesn't matter if the company is working as an illustrator or a concept artist, the work is going to be consistent. Clients come back over and over again because they understand what they are getting when they agree to work with The Illustrators.

Concept art is another of the company's specialties. According to Andrew Hoare it, "is more than just illustrations. Instead, it allows an artist to take an idea and fill it in, making the concept easier to see, and in some cases, easier to understand. This can be used for everything from video games to films." No one wants to leave something this important in the hands of someone that can't deliver on quality and consistency. The importance of concept art can't be downplayed. "Once the development of the work is complete, concept art may be reworked and used for advertising materials."

Clients looking for concept art and illustrations can't risk working with someone that isn't going to meet or exceed their expectations. But time and time again The Illustrators deliver quality work. From the smallest of ideas to largescale projects, the company consistently comes through with attractive images that are sure to get attention.

Is it possible for a smaller company to compete with larger freelance companies? The Illustrators think so. And their proven track record speaks for itself. Their clients range from the Australian government all the way to big corporations like 7-Eleven. They prove over and over again that they can not only run with the larger companies, they can provide high-quality results. Check out examples of their work at

About The Illustrators:
The Illustrators are a team of professional artists specializing in commercial art, concept art and children's book illustration in Australia. We create stunning original designs for businesses of all sizes. Our clients include 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd, Australian Government, Melbourne Rebels and hundreds more.

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