Art Licensing


THE ILLUSTRATORS licensing agreement allows you to use your artwork anywhere in the world, and the license never expires. You may use the asset in print, presentations and online. However, you may not share or distribute the asset in any way that would let others use the asset without licensing it themselves.

THE ILLUSTRATORS grant unlimited usage to a client without restricting usage. The client cannot resell the artwork, nor can THE ILLUSTRATORS.

Transfer of Copyright
THE ILLUSTRATORS retain the image copyright and may use the image for self-promotion. For company logos and some commercial projects we will organise a transfer of copyright. Upon completion of a copyright transfer a client assumes title and proprietorship of an image. The new owner may resell the image, alter or create derivative images, license the image and transfer copyright.

Copyright in Australia

There is no system of registration for copyright protection in Australia. Copyright protection does not depend on publication, a copyright notice, or any other procedure. Copyright protection is free and automatic from the moment your work is on paper, harddrive, or otherwise put into “material form” — Australian Copyright Council