How to Publish a Picture
Book on Amazon

by Andrew Hoare · April 2024

Article Summary

In this article we will discuss how to publish a picture book on Amazon. These are important tips for authors who have a completed picture book. A children's book is full of colourful pictures and it is important that the beautiful images look great on all devices and in print. We will walk you through the process, discuss tips and best practices. Items highlighted in Blue are important tips. Topics covered:

  Amazon KDP
  Kindle Bookshelf
  Publishing your eBook and paperback

Next steps

A critical part of any business is sales and marketing. Here are some of the platforms to help promote your book and drive sales.

Amazon Advertising: Open Amazon KDP, click the "Promote and Advertise" button
Facebook: Setup a free Facebook business page and start advertising. Link your ad back to Amazon
Goodreads: Setup a free author page on Goodreads and link to your book on Amazon
Book reviews: Positive reviews from friends and family will help boost rankings on Amazon
Book publishers: Book publishers take responsibility for selling and marketing your book