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About The Illustrators

Professional illustrators in Australia

Company profile

The Illustrators are a professional graphic design and illustration company in Australia. We are a team of professional artists specializing in commercial art, concept art and children's book illustration. We create stunning original designs for businesses of all sizes. Our clients include: 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd, Australian Government, Warner Bros, Hollywood, Melbourne Rebels and hundreds more.


Cool Images | The Illustrators was established in 2014 offering a range of creative services including: graphic design, illustration and brand identity. We opened the business in Melbourne and over the next few years expanded to Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore. The Illustrators brand is specifically focused on professional illustration in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, while Cool Images provides graphic design services Australia wide.


Professional illustrators

Our team at The Illustrators have the expert knowledge to bring your ideas to life. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality original artwork for each client. Our team of qualified illustrators strive to go above expectations and deliver professional designs that our company is known for. We create products that will drive actual results and we are confident in achieving a positive outcome with your customers and partners.


To be recognized as world-class illustrators that provide only the highest quality artwork.


For our customers - To give a smooth and seamless design experience.
For our employees and contractors - To provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.
For our shareholders - To ensure financial stability and sustainability.
For our partners - To engage in honest and reliable collaboration.


Be honest and trustworthy.
Enjoy what you do.
Strive to raise the bar.
Deliver on your commitment.