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Andrew Hoare at The illustrators


Hello, my name is Andrew Hoare and I am the Creative Director at The illustrators. We are a team of professional

illustrators who specialize in commercial art, concept art and children's book illustration in Australia.


At The illustrators we create original designs for businesses of all sizes. Our clients include: 7-Eleven Stores, Australian Government, Warner Bros, Hollywood, Melbourne Rebels and hundreds more.


Give us a call or shoot me an email to see how we can help you:

Our clients

Melbourne Rebels client 7-Eleven client Royal Australian Navy client Warner Bros. client The Luna Moonies client Hollywood
Melbourne illustrators

Illustration Company

The illustrators design artwork for consumers and businesses in Australia.  Our recent projects

include creating images for Warner Bros upcoming TV show, Game of Games on Channel Ten.

Our artwork has been used in advertising, posters, books, magazines, clothing, TV and movies.


Professional illustrators

Professional illustrators

We are a team of professional illustrators who design bespoke (custom-made) illustration in

Australia. We build worlds that are used to inspire the development of broadcast media and promotional material.  We create preliminary artwork, graphic design and marketing material.

We deliver consistent, high-quality results on time and on budget.



The illustrators design cartoons for advertising, children's books, newspapers, TV and more.

There are hundreds of different non-realistic cartoon styles that we utilize.  We also design

anime and caricature - a simplified image in an exaggerated way for use in editorial cartoons

and magazines.


Partner with us

The illustrators develop strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients and deliver high-quality artwork that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  Our team are committed to excellence and we are relentless on achieving success across the projects we are working on. You can count on us to provide a smooth and seamless design experience, from concept to execution.  We look forward to working with you.


The illustrators have been a creative source in Australia since 2013. We specialize in bespoke illustration. Let us help you with your next project.

Contact us

Sydney         (02) 8005 8606
Melbourne  (03) 9028 8002
Brisbane      (07) 3103 3338


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