Children's Book Illustration Styles

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Cranky Pants — by Ryan Jeffcoat

Red curly haired girl looking sad in her bedroom
Sad curly haired girl walking along a path
Happy curly haired girl with baby brother next to a cubby house
Superhero Dad

Plant Powered Animal Protectors — by Yvonne O’Halloran

Boy and girl twin babies with eyes closed
Mum, Dad and two twin babies with stunning green eyes
Two children with cute animals around them
Little girl being tucked into a pink bed

Can You Do as the Dodos Do — by Matthew St Clair-Wilson

Dodo crying in bedroom
Dodo in a periwig made of purple jelly, full frock-coat
Dodo singing in the rain
Dodo cooking wearing a chef hat

Indy Goes Back to the Country — by Garth Stacey

Little dog going to the city on top of a red car
Happy little dog in the country

The Machinery Shed — by Angela Taylor

Header in a wheat field
Header in a wheat field
Header in a wheat field
Header in a wheat field

Saving Tutu — By Lisa Newmarch

Little turtle making her way to the ocean
Little turtle hiding from some tiger sharks

Nellie The Narwhal — by Sarah Cullen & Carmen Ellis

Narwhal looking happy
Narwhal talking to a humpback whale
Narwhal playing with a green turtle
Narwhal on a clam bed

Hannah the honeybee and the surprising adventure — by Lyn Rose

Three bees and a koala peeking around a tree
Three bees sneaking into a hive

Can you See the Diddlewockerwickerwacker Bird — by Richard Ackland

Diddlewockerwickerwacker book cover
An old couple setting up a campsite with three sisters watching
Three sisters looking for a magical bird in a bush
Three sisters helping a magical bird

Four City Rabbits in the Wild West — by Christiane Boulay

Four red rabbits playing musical instruments
Four red rabbits talking to a kangaroo
Four red rabbits talking to an emu
Four red rabbits watching the sunset

The Haunted Prank — by Heather Papanicolaou

Three children walking towards Grandma's spooky looking house
Three children playing spooky games

We Are More Than You See — by Ruel Apolinario

Seven happy disabled children standing together
Children in a school playground
Children in class multicultural week
Children looking through a door

Hannah The Honeybee Has A Dream — by Lyn Rose

A bee dreaming about being Queen
Two bees talking
Happy bees flying towards a yellow flower
A bee watching a bee movie

The Misadventures of Millie the Witch — by Gemma Wall

Gran and Millie standing outside a spooky house
Little girl with a witches hat thinking
Gran cooking pancakes using magic
Little girl witch with a wand and spell book