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Hand-Painted Portraits

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Portrait Artists Australia

We can find portraits in many Aussie homes, museums and art galleries. When painting a portrait we aim to show the sitter's appearance and character. We work from a photograph, so you don't need to "sit" for a portrait. What makes a portrait so magical is the ability to illustrate physical appearance, expression and personality. Our team of portrait artists have been painting high-quality portraits in Australia for more than 10 years.

Digital painting on a tablet

Digital Portrait Painting

Digital painting is an art form in which traditional painting techniques are applied using a computer and graphics tablet. This is done through painting software that uses brushes much like traditional painting. The finished artwork is suitable for fine art printing on canvas, cotton rag, and many more. A fine art print, also called a giclée print, is the closest representation of an artwork that is physically possible.

Digital painting on a tablet

Fine Art Printing

Fine art printers use the highest quality cotton rag materials, including Canson, Illford and Hahnemühle. All have an impeccable reputation and are used by galleries and museums worldwide. Cotton Rag papers are an uncoated paper and have a very different look and feel to traditional photo papers. The paper is normally much thicker and is made from archival cotton rag. This results in a product that will last 75-100 years. Search for a "fine art printer" in your state or territory.