Book cover of a teenage girl and her jack russell dog in a pirate ship
Turtle with a red bow tie on her head
Cartoon elephant showering
Two Koalas eating leaves in the Australian outback with gum trees
Cartoon elephant chasing two girls
Illustration of magical butterfly an elf and a witch
Red dragon illustration and sketch
Sad girl with red curly hair stairing out the window in her bedroom
Illustration of happy girl hugging her giant teddy bear
Illustration of pirates for childrens books
Aliens in the fridge sketch
Four red rabbits playing musical instruments
Andrew Hoare portrait

About Us

Illustration of a boy and girl reading a children's book. Images are coming to life out of the book

Children’s book illustrator

We create stunning images for children’s books and picture books. We design individual characters or the entire book from start to finish, including the artwork, page layout, text and fonts. We help prepare your book for publishing on Amazon, Apple Books and more. Designing a children’s book is an exciting journey. “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.” —Winnie the Pooh

Illustration of girl meditating

Why choose us

Cartoon of a bearded, professional male artist drawing

Judging a book by it’s Cover

Preparing your book cover is an important part of the design process. Each publisher has a different requirement or template that they use and therefore each book cover needs to be setup separately, according to the specifications. At The Illustrators we prepare your book cover for key publishers like Amazon (Kindle and Paperback), Apple Books, IngramSpark, Kobo and more.